Dear Sister, in this sad letter I have told you the truth, AS IT IS IN JESUS CHRIST, and as I expect to meet at the final bar of retribution.

Near the end of the episode, we read the testimony of Abigail Harris (Marty s cousin) and Lucy Harris (Marty s cousin-wife) and find out the kind of man Marty really is.

htm eness with C On this episode, we bring on a special guest to talk about forgiveness.

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Mormons are chased out of their homes with many dying from exposure and illness..

Jeremy has been the tip of the spear piercing the fragile ribcage of Mormon apologetics for the past 3 years, we owe him a massive debt of gratitude.

This episode is all about organization by a group which had suffered from lack thereof for over a decade up to this point.

Spoiler alert, the church is still led by a bunch of red-scare bigoted octogenarians who are on the wrong side of history.

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If Jo’s use of entheogens helps to explain any aspect of his religion it needs to be a topic of open discourse.

A man named Grandison Newell, a vicious anti-Mormon, filed a complaint that Jo commanded two men to kill Newell in his home, a command issued by the will of God.

Jo gets back to Nauvoo after having abandoned the Mormons during a very harsh winter to speak with the U. To travel such a space required considerable food, a good wagon and team, in fact, everything necessary for a three month’s pilgrimage.

Sp Ed Ep 38 – Brigham Young s Utah Conquest with Historian Christopher C.

Special Edition Episode 3 - First intellectual collision with Agnostic Theist Jesse Special Edition Episode 3 - First intellectual collision with agnostic theist Jesse, just dropped.