This method allows you to deploy "regular" MAPI Connector updates by updating your Communi Gate Pro Server software only, without running the MAPI Connector Installer on all client workstations.

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The Communi Gate Pro MAPI Connector acts as a "MAPI provider".

It accepts Messaging API requests from Microsoft Outlook (Outlook 2002, Outlook XP and later) running in the "groupware" mode, and from other Windows applications.

The secure method does not work if passwords are stored on the Server using a one-way encrypted method (see the Security section for more details).

In this case this option should be disabled, and the MAPI Connector will send passwords in clear text.

The expandable nature of the MAPI architecture allows for creation of additional "Connectors" that can interact with various server products.

One of the problems that such a Connector has to solve is data format: Windows applications send data objects via MAPI to Connector modules in the so-called "MAPI object" format that has very little in common with any Internet format.

The Communi Gate Pro MAPI Connector requires either a Groupware-type License Key or a special MAPI License Key.

You can review the Communi Gate Pro MAPI Connector Revision History.

The Communi Gate Pro Server can be used as a "service provider" for Microsoft Windows applications supporting the MAPI (Microsoft Messaging API).