Reeves played in the band for nearly a decade after joining in 1991. We'd love to see Keanu as one half of a Two Ronnies sketch show reboot. His serious filmmaker face met with others belonging to directors such as Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan and George Lucas. Rocker Keanu Grunge band Dogstar rose to fame in part because of Rocker Keanu's non-rocker activities in Hollywood films.“We met when I was two months pregnant, 19 years old, and married to another man,” Amanda writes (via Daily Mail).

Amanda de Cadenet has been best friends with Keanu Reeves for decades, but before that she was actually attracted to him at age 19 when she was pregnant and married to Duran Duran bassist John Taylor.

The 45-year-old photographer and media mogul is getting ready to release her memoir “It’s Messy” and an excerpt that was released details her relationship with Keanu.

]I know some said that K and Sandra just friend, that's suck.

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She's married once before for a short time, then divorce, and not long after divorce, she's dating a Spanish director. A woman like Sandra B or even Bojana seems better for him.

And soon after she's finish shooting KK w/ Keanu, looks like no more news about her Spanish bf? Seems so obvious..that's real love, great for him, but if not,..... Not b'cause i like them, especially Sandra, she's a great woman!

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When Reeves was papped solitarily eating a sandwich, looking a little down in the dumps, in walking boots, it inevitably found its way on to internet silo 4chan before transforming into Sad Keanu. He revealed in his Reddit AMA a brief history of his life as a bibliophile: “As a kid, we can start with the Count of Monte Cristo. Then we could get into finding as a teenager getting into Fyodor Dostoyevsky's The Idiot, Notes from Underground, The Brothers Karamazov, we could get into Jim Thompson, we could go into some William Gibson, then we could do In Search of Lost Time by Proust.

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