The winners are emerging and established women entrepreneurs who benefited from training and coaching at 12 WES Centers for Women’s Business Development across Tunisia.

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Following the training, she prepared her business plan and changed her marketing and communication strategies.

These changes led to impressive results as she was able to increase her revenue and the number of clients.

This nursery business will target families who have one parent who is currently employed while the other parent is busy seeking employment.

Torkia Ben Mehrez is 33 years old and holds a Ph D in Biology.

Her business, Café Abidi, provides a space where customers can relax and read newspapers and magazines.

The space offers a delightful environment where visitors can meet, chat and relax while enjoying fine food and delicious drinks.

The center will offer extra services like theater, music and swimming lessons.

The award will be used to support the launch of her business.

Her business now enables her to interact with people on a regular basis.