All eyes were trained on Stockholm as the glamorous Crown Princess Victoria wed her long-time boyfriend in a fairy-tale ceremony, and the world's press clamoured for a glimpse of the elegant Swedish royals and their regal guests.Revelations last week that the King of Sweden once enjoyed romps in seedy nightclubs owned by shadowy underworld figures have eclipsed the sparkle of July's wedding.

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Together they set about lifting the veil of secrecy that hung over the palace.

"That was what I originally wanted to find out: how could such a young king handle a role he has not been allowed to grow into? It was Ms Rauscher who interviewed many of the women who had been involved with the King.

But these allegations are so grave that our trust in them is seriously damaged," said Jenny Madestam, a political analyst.

"The King is not even denying it." Indeed, the King's bizarre press conference on Thursday – held in a forest after an elk hunt – only served to fan the flames of interest.

A Swedish girlfriend’s favourite teenage movie is . A Swedish girlfriend will be awkwardly quiet with people she doesn’t know and won’t make an effort if they’re not going to have a “real” conversation.

A normal girlfriend tells you she absolutely loves the gift you got her if she likes it.A normal girlfriend shows affection by hugging and kissing you.A Swedish girlfriend puts her hand on your arm when she wants to cuddle.Women were simply desserts, used as sweets to be served with the coffee," wrote Katrine Kielos in the daily Aftonbladet newspaper."The royal family has always been viewed as an august, fabulous family."For the royal court to handle the issue like kindergarten behaviour, without responsibility is very serious".