This can be largely attributed to the arrival of the fabulous Sheila Baraga, Stumptown's very own "conquistadora of loneliness." Her infamous Wednesday-night get-togethers began a couple of years back at the Green Room (hence the walls clad in Polaroids), then migrated to the Empire Room, and finally moved on to their present location at Baraga's lovely restaurant/bar, the Sapphire Hotel (5008 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 232-6333).

She's the pretty face behind hundreds of hook-ups and a handful of marriages, too.

The Shy Man's Dating School ( in Corvallis offers a series of classes, workshops and counseling for men who are "socially paralyzed by shyness." So it's not in Portland. How about clear acrylic platforms with red glitter that'll make you look like an X-rated Dorothy Gale?

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"It's good when you're sort of buzzing, 'cause you don't know what's happening next," Miss Fur says.

"It gives you a shot of adrenaline that's visible to the audience." Miss Fur dances weekly gigs at Dante's Sinferno Cabaret and Mary's Club (where she performs her more explicit routines); and a complete schedule is available at

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Portland has always had a reputation for being a tough place to meet that special someone, but in '89 it started to get a little bit easier.

Fellas, do emails mocking your tiny penis and inept love-making skills play on your already fragile self-esteem?

Does fear of rejection paralyze you so that you can't walk up to some fine filly and say, "Hey, hot ass, let me take you to Love Land"? If that's the case, there is hope beyond a life of perpetual log-flogging. Attention, all cross-dressers: Need black patent-leather ankle straps with the word "SEX" spelled in rhinestones on the 4-inch heels?

But whether she's championing gay rights or literacy, a portion of sales go to local and national nonprofits. While his performances (clothed and unclothed) are for the most part on an impromptu basis, his résumé includes the circus at the Crystal Ballroom earlier this year and a few stints at Chunk 666 bike-gang parties (but more importantly, he's the reigning champion of Voodoo Doughnuts' prestigious Cock Fest 2004). Well, they're all nice, but if you want the first kiss to be truly breathtaking, get your head out of the clouds and pick someplace low--really low.

But Birdwell's not in it for the fame or the fortune. Head to the end of the pier that branches off the Eastbank Esplanade between the Burnside and Steel bridges, the best point along this thoroughly romantic walkway.

Although unfortunately there is no "Cathie" (Texas businessman Robert Hunter is the owner of this shop and five--under the name "Cindie's"--in Texas), the shop boasts a helpful staff that'll dish up fashion advice to young and old. "When they ask for a size 13," says assistant manager Jessica Bennett, "it's a dead giveaway." With up to size 16 available via mail order, Cathie's is the place where all you Tootsies will find something for your tootsies.