271 b , is written “ Loke for more of these Knightes in the end, fo. 3., to be set wythe the former in folio 3,” occur more entries to the end, i.e. The pedigree in the ‘ Landed Gentry ’ asserts that Mr. in Frensh as foloweth.” Commences with King and nobles ; then additional coats given at end of Cottonian version ; after which, on pencil fo. (pencil 283), under the title “ Here are some Knightes of the tyme of H. In the latest edition of the ‘ Landed Gentry,’ Sir Bernard Burke has made a slight mistake in his pedigree of the Mackays of Bigghouse, which, though otherwise unimportant, deserves notice, because it disputes the right of the Melness Mackays to their true position with regard to the Reay peerage, namely, the next place in succession to the Mackays of Holland, whose representative is now 11th Lord Reay.

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This copy comprises as many coats, bn ot profess to be in any way a counterpart of the style peen of a military nature, which we much question. 1 Cottonian version (The King and nobility introduced first ; and the Counties leading off with Devon and Cornwall).

“ Arms abbatues ” follow Counties as in it ; but names added at end of the Cottonian version are here given next to said “ Arms abbatues ”).

Joseph Holland (Only slightly differing from the Cottonian version — King and nobility placed first , and the succession of counties, etc., the same.

They are also introduced into the Harleian 6*137 copy of Holland’s version, REFERENCE LIST OF ROLLS OF ARMS.

The volume in size much resembles the original manuscript version in the Cottonian MSS.

855, which consists solely of an original transcript on paper, evidently intended to be an exact fac-simile (both as to size of page, writing and pointing) of a record written probably in the time of Edward III.

referred to below (King and nobles placed first, then “ Armes Abbatues &c.

Rowe Mores version , supposed by Sir Harris Nicolas to have been printed from the Dodsworth MS. already described, but additions are made which clearly shew it to have been of later date.

21 y Donald Mackay, =p(l.) The t ara Mackenzie, 1st Lord Reay.

As no one volume of any of the “Peerages” seems to give a full account of the descent of the Reay peerage, I append a short skeleton pedigree, the result of a collation of several volumes of ‘ Debrett ’ and other ‘ Peerages,’ together with Robert Mackay’s ‘House and Clan of Mackay.’ The MAc Kays ln Sss.

Copy in trick and (the coj own) blazon ; made temp.