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Garifuna today The Garifuna in Belize now have six communities which have taken a leadership role in maintaining global Garifuna culture.

There has been some cultural assimilation into the dominant Creole culture.

On the relatively isolated coast Garifuna were able to maintain their language, and other cultural practices.

In their communities women did agricultural work, men engaged in fishing and artisan activities and traded their produce along the Central American coast.

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Twenty-two Garifuna men in the community of San Juan were forced to dig their own graves and then executed following false charges of treason.

The rest of the community escaped to Belize and established the village of Hopkins.

In Belize, Garifuna men also worked as loggers in mahogany camps and earned positions of responsibility within the company hierarchies.

They also sought income opportunities in US banana enclaves in Guatemala and Honduras and became merchant mariners on fruit company boats or migrated to the US.

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