Today’s popular teals also have some gray in them, keeping them a bit more in-check and not so ‘day-glo’. Cool Aqua and Aquarium are teals with a bit more spazip to them! And of course the darkest of the teals – Benjamin Moore Yorktowne Green.

intimidating colours-54

They can automatically be defeated with a Spin Jump, or with a fireball or an attack from Yoshi; an attack with the cape causes them to be flipped over as well.

There are two variants of Galoombas in the original game.

Para-Goombas are Galoombas which utilize parachutes instead of being Goombas with wings.

Flying Goombas (wing-bearing Galoombas) also appear, and can only hop on the ground instead of fly.

Galoombas cannot be defeated in a single jump, as doing so flips them over and immobilizes them.

In this state, they can be picked up and thrown at other enemies, like with Koopa Troopas.

HOWEVER, with 1000’s of colours to choose from it can be hard to figure out which 1 is best for you and your home.

And that’s why you have me (insert happy face here).

They also lack a stem; the Galoomba's two feet are attached directly to the bottom of the head.

As such, they resemble chestnuts more than mushrooms.

Like Paragoombas, Flying Goombas' wings are clipped after one stomp, reverting them to normal Galoombas, and thus, stomping on them after their wings are gone just renders them helpless for a few moments, allowing the player to throw them at other enemies.