Still to come is a packaged archive with precompiled hosts, which we will announce again here when ready.Don't forget to join us in our forums and on #moai chat on Free Node IRC!

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The new Moai SDK 1.3r2 is now available for download.

This release saw a focus on i OS, with support for the i OS 6 SDK and Xcode 4.5 plus a round of new features and bug fixes for all platforms.

Next up: we are compiling a list of the latest games made with MOAI!

:) We are discontinuing support for Moai Cloud at the end of this month (August 2013).

The train was probably re-routed via Cobham and Guildford (New-Line) because of engineering works caused by the Bournemouth Electrification Scheme circa 1966.

After taking water at Guildford, the train would have continued its journey to Bournemouth via Havant and Fareham rejoining the main line at St Denys before continuing its journey to Southampton and Bournemouth.

Halfnelson has generously built and released these on github. Just type your Moai code in the editor window and click play. On the left is the virtual filesystem, currently a bunch of files from the Moai samples for your script to reference and a copy of the Flower library. plugin has been developed solely by the Moai community, thanks to user 'halfnelson', and illustrates the portable power of Moai: write-once, run-a-lot-of-places! Waiting every hour of every day for a new MOAI blog post? Good news comes this time around with the announcement of a community release. This version brings significant changes, a lot of improvements, and a slew of features.

Feature merge from Zipline: Get MOAI: Clone MOAI here: Additional/updated info available here: Forum Discussion: Thanks to Users: News and Notes: While there are still a few hitches and minor glitches, 1.5 is ready for your app/game, but you will have to use git to get it.

On January 1st 1948, the former 'Big Four' railway companies: London North Eastern Railway (LNER); London Midland & Scottish Railway (LMSR); Great Western Railway (GWR) and Southern Railway (SR) were amalgamated to form the new British Railways.