Catalogs enable you to rollback your system to any previous configuration or to create a profile that you can use to apply a consistent configuration throughout your data center. When you create a historical catalog, the current state of the selected system is identified and stored as the previous catalog of the system.

The saved previous catalog is the most recent system catalog The catalog list always provides the listing of the most recent catalog.

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For most platforms, the update features help you to perform the following tasks: Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center provides one stop solution for all the requirements for updating your operating systems.

You can use Update Profiles and Plans to define which components must be installed and the level of automation during the installation.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center reduces the complexity of updating a large number of systems, standardizes the update installation process, minimizes downtime, and enables you to choose the level of automation.

You can maintain your Oracle Solaris, Linux, and Microsoft Windows operating systems to the recommended and latest updates and perform complex update tasks in a consistent manner.

Contact your administrator if you do not have the necessary role or privilege to complete a task.

See the Two management modes are available, agent managed and agentlessly managed.A snapshot is stored as a catalog with the time stamp and job details after every update job that you run on a system.You can create a new catalog at any time and use it to record the state of a system.You create update jobs with operating system update profiles and policies to update an operating system.OS update profiles and policies define which updates to install, and how the update job proceeds after determining the update dependencies and user interaction.A variety of operating system reports are available to give you insight into the operating system compliance status, the state of your operating system update levels, and provide information about the recommended updates and packages.