Now he is married to Joanie and has three step sons.

He has done some acting since Traci Lords became infamous in the 80s when the authorities found out she was underage when posing nude. She used a fake drivers license to hide the fact that she was 15 years old!

Since then, Kylie Minogue has been raising awareness about breast cancer.

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Turner’s breakthrough was with her performance in “Body Heat” (1981) and “Crimes of Passion” (1984).

Since her rise to fame, Turner starred in over thirty films and eight television series.

Now at the age of 71 he continues to travel and perform. Nothing stops this man from creating music and living life. In 2005, while on tour Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She resumed the tour after treatment and triumphed.

Some of them still have a booming career while other stars’ careers have plateaued.

Many of these famous actors continued to blossom into the celebrities we know and love today, while other stars took a turn for the worst.His slogan for president was, “Chunk for President.” Cohen graduated from UCLA School of Law and now practices as an attorney.The lead singer of the 80s rock band Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, loves to be the center of attention.She had a leading role in the sci-fi classic In recent years, Fairchild has raised awareness of AIDS related issues.She is also passionate about environmental protection.Her commercial slogan, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” became extremely popular.