* Fixed problem with Slip mode where ghost playhead could sometimes be using the wrong velocity while scratching.FX Specific: * Reduced pops created when switching effects and turning them on and off. – Better THRU mode indication for the SL 2, SL 3 and SL 4.

updating serato-53

Other Changes / Smaller Features: * Beatgrid Lock: * View buttons for (Xone: DX, NS6 and Twitch) now cycle through the performance modes. * Hot Cue Fader Start (When fader start is enabled and a cue point is set or triggered, the temp cue is set to that cue point’s position). * Changes made to minimize distortion in recordings when playing at loud levels.

* Corrected Continuous Mode behavior so that when you move past the beginning of a song while in this mode, the previous song doesn’t load.

Features: * SP-6 Sample Player: * Brand Spanking New Look and Feel.

* Performance Modes (Library View, Vertical Waveforms and Stack Mode): * Day & Night Mode: * Album Art Views: * Smart Crates: * File Migration: * Serato Playlists: * New & Improved Serato Smart Sync. Bug Fixes: * Fixed Crossfader Reverse Keyboard shortcut (ctrl-shift-r).

Known Issues: * A crash may occur when hotplugging between ITCH Controllers. – Core Audio/ASIO drivers for the SL 3 and Sixty-Eight.

– Improved Scratch Live user interface layout for minimum screen resolutions.

* Fixed shift shortcuts to jump to a specific loop slot.

* Fixed Loop Select shift function to reloop as it did in ITCH version 1.5 and to turn off the shift/delete button.

Control-clicking the time-stamps/labels will toggle between the two views.