If their body isn’t sound, then these guys are going to get hurt. We don’t use any enhancement drugs or anything like that.

For the most part, the actors that I work with are major assets worth a lot of money. If I can’t get it done naturally, I just turn the job down.

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Hair for Stone by Mara Roszak for L’Oréal Paris at Starworks Artists; makeup for Stone by Rachel Goodwin for Chanel at Starworks Artists.

Set design by Piers Hanmer., which premieres today.

I’ve tried to change my body to fit this image but I just can’t get it, and it seems like without it no girl will want me. They like men who are driven, passionate, and work hard. There’s evidence that while the alpha males were out hunting, the other men (less-muscular) would canoodle with the women. For now, appreciate the ones who see your best qualities.

How do I accept that standard when I don’t have any of that? Trust me, let the ladies date the muscle men with the six-packs and the 18-inch biceps. When they are done with them, they will come knocking on your door. And really, most women don’t want to date a perfect looking man — makes them feel imperfect and never good enough. I’m 5-foot-6, have ears that protrude and I have a one-pack (but it’s getting firmer). An awesome sense of humor, a great job, and a passion for life can be even more attractive and fulfilling than hot, hard, and ripped.

The film follows the most watched televised sporting event of all time, the 1973 tennis match between women's tennis star, Billie Jean King, and former Wimbledon champion, and then 55-year-old, Bobby Riggs.

Before playing King on the court, however, Stone hit the gym with trainer Jason Walsh to build an unbelievable amount of muscle—15 pounds—for the role.Is it harder for women to put on muscle than it is for men?Yes, it is absolutely harder for women to put on massive amounts of muscle.They get a lot of feedback that most people would never have to hear.That being said, we get to prep them and get them completely ready, both physically and mentally, for their roles.As far as the tennis focus, we did do a lot of shoulder strengthening; rotational, anti-rotational work, things like that because of the motion of and how the body works for her. Her butt was extremely strong which stabilizes the hips and helps with everything else. Outside of body building, most training is functional, or it should be. Here’s the thing, most people equate strength training with heavy weights automatically with bulky muscle.