You aren't satisfied sticking to one pose the entire time.

Foreplay drives you wild and the longer it goes on for, the stronger your orgasm tends to be. You're in the perfect place to jump from the wall to a kitchen counter or the couch.

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Cancers aren't particularly great at showing emotions, but we know you're actually hiding your nurturing personality.

You're a giver and enjoy taking care of someone's needs for sure.

Just like Gemini, you're spontaneous and love varying up your playbook. Slightly differing from Gemini's key move, instead of standing up with your partner, your body bends down, head closer toward your feet.

Nothing motivates a Sagittarius more than doing it somewhere outside.

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You're very aware of your five senses and love to feel an intimate connection with your bed buddy. It's a tried-and-true move with lots of skin contact and room for lip-to-lip contact and neck nuzzling.

Since you're so in-tune with everything around you, setting the scene is crucial.

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