Others said they were "stunned," and that they simply "didn't recognise" the former Still, the Liverpool-native is certainly standing her ground.In fact, Jen has now said that she's unfazed by the "trolls" and that as she's totally happy in her own skin – despite being the heaviest she's ever been at . So I’m not worried, because he finds me as attractive as he always did and he loves my bum and my boobs.

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After contacting emergency services she was given multiple adrenaline shots, as her throat almost swelled shut and rashes broke out all over her body. Been eating them for 33 years," the mum-of-three wrote on Facebook."Anyway, ended up calling an ambulance as my throat closed over and I literally could not breathe," she went on."Two adrenaline shots later and it turns out I'm allergic to nuts. This is going to be fun." An Epi Pen is a small device that injects epinephrine into the blood stream, offsetting the most extreme allergic reactions.

The blonde took to social media after the ordeal to explain what had happened to her fans. It works by narrowing the blood vessels and opening the airways in the lungs.

Sharing the shocking snap with her 56k Instagram followers, the former Brookside babe looked proud of how far she’s come as she beamed up at the camera.

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It’s a secret Anna’s desperate to keep now that she’s dating Kevin Webster.

But soon it becomes clear Phelan wants to destroy her once and for all.She captioned it: "Home after a long day of show run through.Could bt resist a little glass of with my on the way home." Jennifer later showed off her transformation by posting a before and after picture of her weight loss."People in the shops would be like, 'God girl, you’ve piled on the weight haven’t you! She said: "I got hit the hardest with withdrawal, as my sugar intake was the highest."I was picking carrots with Jane on the farm and every time I bent down I felt like someone was standing on my eyeballs.Alex partnered up with Steven, and Jennifer started dating Tony in 2002 -- it's a mystery as to which pair initiated the swap.