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Stapon dating-11

"As my wife was doing her routine, I was really getting off on how twisted the situation was.

Like I said, I never felt any desire to have a man's cock in my mouth, but at that moment I think I would have sucked off all the men in Manhattan I was so crazed!

They split up not because they had a fight or fell our of their lustful ways, rather both women also loved cocks.

So Ami met Bruce and moved to California and I married Grace and we stayed in NY.

So what happened was we were having an incredible secession together and I had been spanked twice, bum fucked on and off for an hours, had spent a **** load of time eating Grace's big sexy butt out (no pun intended) and was pretty much yes maaming her as she took me trough her brain controlling routine.

And it was at that point where I was bend over this waist high table/bench thing we have in our bedroom which positions my butt hole at the right height for Grace's stapon; my eyes are closed, I'm in my sissy persona zone, grace is telling me how much I need to suck on a real cock.Kiss it and lick it because you are going to be doing more than that next young man!All femdom words as we kinds of guys know are like bullets of lust in our brains! As much as I was able to get my mouth around on Bruce's really throbbing dick, I kissed it and licked it just as Auntie ordered me too. I suddenly wanted to be forced to suck the knob of this great cock into my mouth and blow it like I regularly blow Katrina's strap on. Suddenly my Auntie is pulling her strapon out of my sore ass and untying me from the table.Please Contact Us if you feel any materials are inappropriate.Corset training with steel boned corsets help a lot in addition with hormones to give us TGirls wonderful curves!How much I need to have my mouth filled with some real man's hot cum and I'm going Oh yes Auntie!