"if you get Camille pregnant she will not cheat on you, after ask for a quickie at hospital after she will say come home for a evening you wont forget in red lingerie dont cum in mouth ask here to stop have sex cum inside she will get pregnant and not cheat on you"rnrnwell it depends on what you define cheating as. It is very good game & storyline it is very difficult to cheat on wife because you love her dedicated your whole life to her... This was the very first erotic game I have ever played, and I`m glad I stumbled on a great one.

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also every ending that does not end with you still being with camille, ends with her dating eric so clearly there is something going on there. I love how both the girls look like and the story, Maybe a little bit too short, but definitely good.

so i will state again: its a shame that no matter what you do, camille will cheat on her husband. Here are the minimal amount of points needed for each physical advancement for each girl Camille 25 for kiss at hospital 40 for a morning massage, massage her with oil, invite her on a date, or a lick her nipple at hospital 50 for eat sushi from her body 80 for a quickie at hospital Lexi 10 for flirt with her 20 for invite her on a date 50 for ask for a blowjob 60 for ask about sex the game is really awesome i have all the ending i can`t wait more games to come out i know it takes months for the producer to make more games like this.

getting to the bdsm scene with the tennis trainer is tough but worth it.

I`m afraid I must echo what a few people say about Camille cheating on you.

There is nothing bland about it and the transition to sex is not facile or illogical; its just too easy to succeed with the tennis coach but I`ve said that already Amazing.

Just what I expect from team LOP & a new game can`t wait for it any longer.

Leave earlier to work: "Play some games" Leave office earlier: Camille`s Hospital: "Lick her nipple" Lexi`s apartment: "Ask for a blowjob".

Camille: "Invite her on a date", "Date in the park" Leave earlier to work: "Work" Leave office earlier: Camille`s Hospital: "Ask for a quickie" Lexi`s apartment: "Tease her": "Touch her hair", "massage her thighs", "massage her boobs".

Story, Graphics, Gameplay everything is just perfect.