She was eventually rescued after several weeks, but as the report noted, the damage – physically, emotionally and psychologically – had been done.

Unfortunately, technology has become a catalyst in the proliferation of child prostitution, with syndicates utilizing the Internet to set up cybersex dens where children are forced to “perform” in front of a webcam and the “performance” streamed live to a global audience.

CNN and BBC recently carried a horrific story about the busting of an international child prostitution ring that has been victimizing Filipino children.

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Last year, authorities raided a house in a slum area in Cebu and apprehended a couple who were forcing their children to engage in sex acts in front of a web camera, charging viewers $100 each.

Police said the parents would enter chat rooms to seek out potential clients, then arrange for payment through international e-payment centers.

Many could spot these disgusting predators a mile away, prowling the calamity stricken areas like vultures on the lookout for their prey.

We have a number of laws meant to safeguard children from abusers – but as Loren told us – we have to be vigilant and make them work in order to save these children from an existence than can only be described as worse than a living hell.

Apparently, the investigation was triggered when British police discovered offensive videos involving children in the computer of a registered sex offender.

Sadly, most of the children in the videos recorded from webcams were Filipino, some as young as six years old, performing indecent acts, to put it mildly.

An estimated 400,000 of the victims are women while 100,000 are children, with 80 percent of them female under 18.

A special documentary series titled “The Fighters” (the result of two years of undercover research and filming in the Philippines) shown in CNN International last year featured the story of a girl who was duped into working as a prostitute when she was 15.

With her family needing money to send her ailing father to the hospital, the girl went with a recruiter thinking she would work as a helper in a restaurant – but ended up as a sex slave in a brothel, servicing as many as a dozen men in a day.

Worse, she was forced to go to extreme lengths to trick customers into thinking she was a virgin and fetch higher pay, describing in gruesome detail how she would insert a cotton ball dipped in (bird) blood into her organ.

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