As if she was sitting there with his hard, hairy cock in her mouth, he couldn't stop from imagining his mother blowing him.

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He said what he said for the benefit of himself too while trying to get her to realize her blessings and forget her bad memories that all related his father dumping her for his 24-year-old, whore of an ex-girlfriend.

As much as he was home alone with his mother, she was home alone with her son.

His sexual daydream vaporized before his incestuous, horny eyes once he faced the reality of his mother sitting across from him in their living room. Wondering what it would be like for her to French kiss him, he couldn't stop himself from imagining his mother returning his kiss of sexual passion with her kiss of sexual passion.

Continuing his sexual fantasy of having intimate, sexual relations with his mother, he couldn't help from imagining his mother sucking his prick with those same, full, red lips.

Only, to be honest, he was glad that his whore of an ex-girlfriend was gone.

To be even more honest, he was glad that his father was out of the picture too.Instead of sleeping, he imagined touching and feeling his mother in all places where he should never touch and feel his mother as she slept.With her nightgown bunched around her waist, he imagined peeling down her covers at first light to stare at her naked ass.He enjoyed seeing her pussy slit, her camel toe, and the darker shadow that her blonde, pubic hair made in her sheer, white panties.While sitting across from her, and hoping to enjoy the sexy sight, he hoped she'd give him more down-blouse views of her long line of sexy cleavage and her revealing, low-cut bra. Whether she flashed him her panties or her brassiere, he loved seeing forbidden peeks of his mother's sexy underwear.He only wished that she sexually wanted him as much as he sexually wanted her.