After growing up in a home of domestic violence and child sexual abuse, her need to survive forced her to run away from home, which ultimately pushed her into “the life.” She was exploited through strip clubs and escorting services until a sex-buyer tried to kill her. Saylor is now a devoted mother whose life mission is to mentor young girls and women experiencing trauma, while educating the community and fighting for change in the hearts of our society.

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Covenant House is the largest“Jailing underage prostituted children and teenagers doesn't solve the problem of sexual exploitation; it's the johns, gangs, cartels, and pimps who buy them and sell them who need to be identified, punished, jailed, fined, and, if they use the bodies of minors, placed on sex offender lists.”Activist, poet, and hip hop artist, Renan Salgado is a Human Trafficking Specialist at the Worker Justice Center of New York.

He is involved in the investigation, rescue, and provision of legal services to victims of modern slavery in New York State, as well as the training of law enforcement and “Slavery is a reality that humanity has had to deal with throughout history.

He organized the series of records that has earned more than $100 million for the Special Olympics. Shriver formed three organizations (DATA, The ONE campaign and (RED), a marketing initiative) that work for HIV treatment and public health in Africa.

He is currently working with the Veterans Administration to create housing for veterans experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles.

Lisa Silverstein is Senior Vice President and Roger Silverstein is the Executive Vice President of Leasing.

Sarah Silverstein is a New York City-“The human capital in the world is not a commodity in itself, but a body that should be cherished for the soul.

In addition to commercial work and fine arts pursuits, she works closely with not-for-profit organizations to help further their missions through strategic photography projects.

As the photographer commissioned for the New Abolitionists project, Ms.

Eventually overcoming her shame, Sandra confided her abuse to a relative, who advised her to escape. The daily life of being in slavery and prostitution is hell. Each year, the organization exposes students to the issue of sex trafficking, among many other human rights violations, and guides them in planning an advocacy campaign in their communities.