The Navigatio was probably written earlier than the Vita, perhaps in the second half of the eighth century.Any attempt to reconstruct the facts of the life of Saint Brendan or to understand the nature of his legend must be based principally on Irish annals and genealogies and on the various versions of the Vita Brendani.If it happened, this would have occurred between AD 512–530, before his travel to the island of Great Britain.

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Before coming to UT Austin, he spent nine years as a professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT.

Aaronson's research in theoretical computer science has focused mainly on the capabilities and limits of quantum computers.

He also encountered a sea monster, an adventure he shared with his contemporary Saint Columba.

The most commonly illustrated adventure is his landing on an island which turned out to be a giant sea monster named "Jasconius" or "Jascon".

His first book, Quantum Computing Since Democritus, was published in 2013 by Cambridge University Press.

He's received the National Science Foundation's Alan T.Unfortunately, the versions of the Vita and the Navigatio provide little reliable information of his life and travels; they do, however, attest to the development of devotion to him in the centuries after his death.An additional problem is that the precise relationship between the Vita and the Navigatio traditions is uncertain.When he was six he was sent to Saint Jarlath's monastery school at Tuam to further his education.Brendan is one of the "Twelve Apostles of Ireland", one of those said to have been tutored by the great teacher, Finnian of Clonard. Brendan’s first voyage took him to the Aran Islands, where he founded a monastery.Many versions exist that narrate how he set out on the Atlantic Ocean with 16 monks (although other versions record 14 plus 3 unbelievers who joined in the last minute) to search for the Garden of Eden.