It's like saying, "You have to have blue eyes to be pretty." That simply isn't accurate--people with green eyes or brown eyes or something in between are all beautiful.Besides, the point of life isn't to be ..Taiwan Republic of China was established in 1912.

I live in japan since I was 13 and I can say plastic surgely is very rare here. I'm Asian myself and have visited many other countries before China, namely Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. I saw the slim and tall girls in beautiful flowing dresses walking down the streets, their skin clear and beautiful like porcelain even under the glaring sunlight of summer. I saw lots of beautiful women in many countries, but China just seemed to have an awful lot of them just strutting down the streets.

Unlike other asian countries, I have never seen anyone who had plastic surgery in real life (only on T. So some of the comments about plastic surgery in japan are wrong.instead, japanese girls have good skills of make-up but also they prefer natural bearty almost look like bare face, I would say Japanese girls are naturally beautiful. China has the most diversity for East Asia in terms of facial features.

There is a special kind of aura that Chinese beauties have that you just don't find in other Asian countries.

Beautiful Chinese girls tend to have more refined facial features, as opposed to just plain ones being amped up by cosmetics. Your only good because of your surgeons..won't you accept the fact that you are not perfect. You don't have to change your self just to look pretty..acceptance is all you need.

I observed many girls in Philippines, they are so beautiful and charming. Many of them can speak English frequently unlike the others.

They are smart, talented, and most of all they have a big heart.

- Goku02 When it comes to natural non-plastic-surgery beauty, Vietnamese women have the cake and eat it too.

Vietnamese has fairer skin compared to other Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia or Philippines, and they have double eyelids compared to Chinese or Korean for example. In Chinese classical history, Xi Shi, who was a Vietnamese, was ranked as the most beautiful woman of all time.

However, that doesn't mean that the nationality is ugly. However, the rest of the person's comment is something I agree with.

Beauty is subjective--what one human may believe is pretty could be a completely different viewpoint compared to another.

But not just the outside is beautiful, their inside are very cute too.