Sunnyvale is located in Silicon Valley with a population of 152,443.

Your health and wellness can be impacted by how comfortable you are when moving to a new place.

In order to feel secure, citizens need to know that they will be alright no matter where they go in town whether they go to a public place or commuting to and from home.

According to the FBI, violent crime has been decreasing over the past 10 years (down by 16.5% from 2006 to 2015) while property crime rates continue to gradually fall by 2% per year.

Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) has shown that police have improved their methods for monitoring troubled areas and having more outreach.

There are also over 450 acres of parks including Washington Park in the downtown and Bayland Park, home of the yearly Linux Picnic.

For gamers, the Digital Game Museum covers the history of gaming with artifacts from the different eras.Pfluger Park hold the annual German Festival as well as concerts for music in the park.To cool off, there is a public pool at Heritage Park which also hold a farmer’s market.There are many historical sites in the area such as the Caldwell Parsonage, a museum to the Revolutionary War.Kawameeh Park provides a lot of sports fields and is the home to the Union Watersphere which used to be one of the largest water towers in the world.14 miles northeast of downtown Austin and 15 miles of the Colorado River is Pflugerville.