She-- Her arm flashes out, knocking the knife away as she grabs his tracksuit and buries her knee in his groin hard enough to lift him off the ground.He lets out a little squeal and she closes his mouth with a fist. ' 'You said no one was looking.' 'Yeah, but--' 'So what's the problem? ' But DC Rennie was busy on the radio, telling Control that Operation Sweetmeat had been a success - they'd caught the bastard.

Livro digital (livro eletrónico/eletrônico ou o anglicismo e-book) é qualquer conteúdo de informação, semelhante a um livro, em formato digital, que pode ser lido em equipamentos eletrônicos - computadores, PDAs, Leitor de livros digitais ou até mesmo celulares que suportem esse recurso.

Os formatos mais comuns de Ebooks são o PDF, HTML e o e PUB.

Number seven: a wee Torry quine on her way home after a night out on the pish, staggering along in her fuck-me heels and miniskirt, even though it's February in Aberdeen and freezing cold. The woman fits right in: cheap clothes, cheap black leather jacket, cheap shoes, cheap perfume. He grins, hoping it's mummy and daddy - she should have someone to share her pain with when this is all over.

Because there's going to be a lot of pain to share.

STUART MACBRIDE BROKEN SKIN For Fiona (third time's the charm)Without Whom ...

Researching a book is always fun - especially when people are prepared to open up and let you into their worlds of expertise.

Contents Title Page Dedication Sex Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Violence Chapter Twelve Chapter Thirteen Chapter Fourteen Chapter Fifteen Chapter Sixteen Chapter Seventeen Chapter Eighteen Chapter Nineteen Chapter Twenty Chapter Twenty One Chapter Twenty Two Chapter Twenty Three Chapter Twenty Four Chapter Twenty Five Chapter Twenty Six Chapter Twenty Seven Lies Chapter Twenty Eight Chapter Twenty Nine Chapter Thirty Chapter Thirty One Chapter Thirty Two Chapter Thirty Three Chapter Thirty Four Chapter Thirty Five Chapter Thirty Six Chapter Thirty Seven Chapter Thirty Eight Chapter Thirty Nine Chapter Forty Chapter Forty One Darkness Chapter Forty Two Chapter Forty Three Chapter Forty Four Chapter Forty Five Chapter Forty Six Chapter Forty Seven Chapter Forty Eight Chapter Forty Nine Chapter Fifty Chapter Fifty One Chapter Fifty Two Chapter Fifty Three Chapter Fifty Four Chapter Fifty Five Chapter Fifty Six Chapter Fifty Seven Chapter Fifty Eight Blood Chapter Fifty Nine Preview Chapter Thirty October 20 Years Later Chapter One About the Author By Stuart Macbride Praise Copyright About the Publisher 1 Up ahead the woman stops. He likes them drunk: not so drunk they don't know what's happening, but drunk enough that they can't do anything about it. He hangs back a bit, pretending to tie his shoelace until she's nearly all the way over. She turns left, heading off the long, sweeping curve of Victoria Road onto one of the side streets, where the fish processing factories are.

She stands on one leg under the streetlight, rubbing her ankle, as if she's not used to wearing high heels. This part of town isn't his usual hunting ground, so he has to play it carefully. He smiles: the dark, grey street is deserted - just him and lucky Number Seven. He's fit, doesn't even break a sweat in his Aberdeen Football Club tracksuit, complete with hood and black Nike trainers. Torry's bleak in the late February night - granite buildings stained almost black with grime, washed with piss-yellow streetlight. Probably taking a shortcut back to her horrible little bedsit, or the house she shares with mummy and daddy.

Needless to say, Debs, Alex and John have let me get away with murder;}# And lastly, but not leastly, I have to thank my naughty wife Fiona.