He utilized the expertise and contacts he gained as a Blockbuster buyer to initially develop Maverick and now leads creation, promotion, and distribution efforts for various genres within the independent film category.

Schwab and Maverick maintain an impeccable reputation within the industry and with filmmakers worldwide.

These genres include urban (inspirational, action, comedy), Latino, Horror, and LGBT titles.

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Erica Barrabi, a native Floridian, holds a degree in Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University.

She is also currently taking courses to obtain her paralegal certification at FAU, with thoughts of pursuing a degree in law in the future.

Shortly after graduating, one of his first shorts, called The Thrilling, received numerous awards, including Audience Program favorite, runner up Florida favorite, and Overall Audience favorite from various film festivals. In his off time, Evan teaches acting, writes, directs and creates micro-budget short films. Graphic Designer [email protected] Haslam is Maverick’s lead Graphic Designer.

He graduated at the top of his class from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and won the Best Portfolio Award for his immaculate graphic design work.

Delivery and Legal Coordinator [email protected] plays an integral role as the delivery and legal coordinator.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to gathering all the needed documents from the filmmakers and working closely with the lawyer to ensure Maverick can successfully and legally release films out into the traditional and digital marketplace.

By maintaining an exemplary reputation within the film and business communities, as well as establishing direct relations with content creators and media providers, Maverick positions itself as a leader within the home entertainment industry.

Doug Schwab founded Maverick in 1997 and continues to oversee the company.

Tracy joins Maverick from South Florida’s top news station, WSVN, where he built daily segment teasers, assisted with motion graphics, and edited promotional videos for primetime slots. For Aaron, Maverick is all about the digital elements.

Digital Media Specialist [email protected] Franklin is Maverick’s Digital Media Specialist.

Maverick currently controls over 400 titles that are distributed both physically and digitally.