It was Mamie Van Doren, star of “Sex Kittens Go to College” and seducer of Elvis, Clark Cable and Steve Mc Queen. “It was probably the most disorganized practice we had all week …

Even the coaches were watching her,” his teammate said.

They took the real person and made Broadway Joe, sex symbol.

“They became groupies, going up to him and saying ‘Hey Joe! “Cause I Get Better Looking Every Day,” and asked him to sign them for her sister. “Mickey Mantle always had to pretend he was a faithful husband,” Kriegel said. Her first line in the ad was, “I’m so excited, I’m going to get creamed,” after which she lathers up Namath with a dollop of foam.

He obliged and said, “Say, Peggy, by the way, what are you doing tonight? He flashes his megawatt grin and replies, “You’ve got a great pair of hands.” It wasn’t all smooth sailing.

They were leaving when they spotted two devastating dames seated at a table with Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. “We’re having a party at Joe’s place.” The girls grabbed their purses and followed Broadway Joe out the door.”What were they going to say? The press was waiting to interview him in the clubhouse.

“But then they make a turn, go up a hill, leave the golf carts and disappear with the girls for about an hour,” recalled sportscaster Sal Marchiano. The girls are still with them.” He added: “We all had this feeling that Joe could get laid any time he wanted.

The FBI file on Namath made mention of his frequent trips to The Pussycat, a lounge owned by Luchese boss Carmine Tramunti.

“Namath has been observed intoxicated on several occasions and also reportedly had an affair with an airline stewardess who became pregnant as a result of this association,” the report said.

The FBI even rigged up Bachelors III with a wire and sent in undercover agents after an incident involving President Lyndon Johnson’s daughter, Lynda.

The White House called with a heads-up that she was coming, and Namath’s partner, Bobby Van, reserved a big center booth.

“It is alleged that an abortion was arranged for this girl by the wife of Jilly Rizzo, the operator of a restaurant-bar in New York.

It is understood that the abortion had to be postponed due to the arrest of Jilly Rizzo’s wife on charges stemming from an abortion ring operating in the New York area.” The NFL’s bigger concern was Namath’s regular contact with Mafia bookmakers.

But when he saw Namath, the singer put out his hand.