We had managed to be together for about a year and a half before we were discovered, and the point at which we were finally exposed and hounded by the press was rather emotional for both of us.We carried on despite the attention and there was, from that point, a bounty on my head.I began dating Prince Andrew, then second in line to the throne, after we were introduced by mutual friends at his 21st birthday party in February 1981.

A million miles away from what we’d expect the Duchess of Cambridge to wear on the red carpet, this super sexy look clearly ignored the age old legs or boobs rule, but as they saying goes, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

This dress if by American designer Misha Nonoo who is rumoured to have actually set the pair up!

I’d advise her to ask for their advice and counsel – after all, they are experts in their field. Call a good lawyer – straight away, don’t wait seven years like I did.’As a trained actress, Meghan will be used to a certain amount of press attention.

But she can’t expect any real professional help from them until the day she marries Harry, if that ever comes. But I think she will find it extremely difficult to continue her career if her relationship with Harry continues.

There may be no role for Meghan other than being associated with Prince Harry, depending on how long the overwhelming media interest remains. So much publicity came with my name and image, it was tempting to think that some of that could translate into professional success. The acting roles I was being offered were exploitative or unsuitable.

Directors were either interested in the publicity I’d bring or seek to make money for the project based on my involvement.

Over several precious months, they darted and dived discretely, finding many moments of intimate joy, far away from the public eye.

But suddenly, they are thrust into the spotlight and every move she now makes is crucial.

I was asked to perform at the Chichester Theatre festival one year, but was devastated when that was called off because of the media circus.

Similarly I lost a role in a film with Liza Minnelli because I got more press than the “star”.

Meghan Markle’s reportedly dating Prince Harry, and if the couple do become ‘official’ we’re set to have a whole new royal style icon on our hands.