They mustn’t compromise on the children health, schooling, infants’ breastfeeding and the matters related to their husbands they are necessary for running a married life smoothly.

I am proud of whatever I have done so far in my life and very much optimistic to carry on my relationships in the same manners with more strong bonds.

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Mothers who have been facing pregnancy period or have newly born baby usually consider difficult working outside.

The reason why breast pumps are more commonly purchased by the working mothers but on the other side some mothers also face financial problems right after being a mother.

In order to make it more useful and lawful for the public and sports players; cricket rule and policies has been changed with demands and requirements.

Among other countries UK also played a very vital role in presenting cricket the most positive sport.

Giving other the real ideas which would help them in making their relationship strong are real worth.

Women are more eager to suggest others as they like to share their thoughts and feelings more openly.

The best time to find love online is at 2pm on a Tuesday, which sees a 194 % increase in activity compared to other times of the week. What's more, 15% of users surveyed admitted to arranging a date on their lunch break.

Meanwhile, the worst time to find a date appears to be a Sunday evening, with the fewest users online at 8pm.

What I believe is that the mothers should maintain a balance in their personal and professional life.