Producers immediately zeroed in on a love triangle that would involve Cavallari, Colletti and Conrad.At the time, Cavallari writes that Colletti was her "entire" world. My relationship with Stephen went from our own high school romance to the fodder of a hugely successful television show.""Normal high school relationships are dramatic enough, but ours now had the added pressure of being seen by MTV viewers across the country as well as being manipulated by the show's producers, a set of adults were very suddenly involved in the intricacies of our lives," writes Cavallari, now a married mother of three.

If doctors were getting paid $250 million, we'd hit the books hard, but currently that's not the reality…

I only want him to work a few days for $30 million or so.

Rumors had been swirling since last month that Lauren was dating Devin, months after she'd broken up with her The Bachelor fiancé Ben Higgins this May.

Scroll down for video In a report that ran online July 13, Us Weekly had quoted a source that said Lauren and Devin 'have been dating for a while now,' and are apparently close to the point that Lauren's gone to a Golden State game with his sisters.

Their engagement lasted long enough for them to star on a one-season spin-off reality show that aired last year and was called Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?

That Freeform show lasted a grand total of eight episodes, the finale broadcast last November, and Ben and Lauren's relationship managed to hack it until this May.

Lauren Bushnell's called 'Dibs' on a new man this Saturday, writing as much in the caption of an Instagram photo of the two of them together.

This boyfriend of hers is one Devin Antin, whom she was also seen sharing a kiss with on her Instagram Story, he with an arm draped across her shoulders.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt can't stop gushing about their newest arrival!