The original counties of the Chickasaw District were Panola, Wichita, Caddo, and Perry.

When the Chickasaw Nation proper was organized under the treaty of 1855, the country was again divided into four counties called Panola, Pickens, Tishomingo, and Pontotoc.

Fiscal records include money files for individual Indians, current accounts and other accounts, applications for per-capita payments, and annuity and other payrolls.

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On 23 April 1897, the Chickasaws, under the Atoka Agree­ment, consented to the provisions of allotment of their lands in severalty.

List of Chickasaws registered in Panola, Pickens, Pontotoc, and Tishomingo counties in Chickasaw Nation and Masholatubby and Pushmatahal districts in Choctaw Nation for the annuity payment of 1878.

The Muskogee Area Office was established in 1948 to administer Bureau of Indian Affairs business concerning the Cherokee (including Delaware and Shawnee), Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole Indians of Oklahoma.

Until 1874, there had been agencies for the individual tribes (the agencies for the Choctaws and Chickasaws, however, were consolidated).

Contains names of heads of families, indication of wives, post office addresses, ages of heads of families, the number of male and female children, an indication of whether the person is Chickasaw or Choctaw by blood or marriage, whether a U. citizen, state Negro, Indian Negro, or intruder, and total number in family. Includes family number, names, ages, number in family, and Checkmark for payment.

Notations include Dawes card number, dead, full payment, and dates.There are also some census reports compiled as of 30 June 1926 and in 1930 that pro­vide similar informa­tion.The records include some corre­spondence between the agency and the field clerk per­taining to the completion of the forms and some photographs of Indi­ans and their homes.The Union Agency was established in 1874 for all five tribes.Until 1898, the tribes largely governed themselves.A supreme court was established as well as district and county courts.