So, are we supposed to gather that she’s been running all evil since the defeat of The Garuda? “And here I thought I was your favorite,” she sneers at Trick. The silver bullet vibrator gyrates on the metal table as the three women look on. The guard concludes that those are the possessions of Bo Dennis, lineage unknown; genus, succubbi. In the center is a tall, super skinny dominatrix complete with belted corset, stiletto boots, and enormous – blond hair. French Guard relishes telling Bo that they like to watch the new girls go through decontamination. Cut to an industrial shower where a naked and trembling Bo, arms crisscrossed over her chest, is “decontaminated” flanked by two rows of silent but very interested “guards” keeping watch. Tough bitch Bo ignores them all and Silent Guard finally ushers into her cell.French Guard herself leans forward to look down and get a good look at Bo’s…lower attributes. Back in the jail proper, Bo is wearing prison issued berry colored jump suit that just happens to have a low cut collar where the zipper has already been partially pulled down. “Thank you,” Bo says softly, laying her hand on the guard’s arm. “No kidding,” she duhs and they smile weakly at each other.OK, let’s get this out of the way from the start: the woman looks amazing.

No really, I’d take that Aoife- sucking-Dyson’s-chi scene ten times over this one right now. I’m really getting a “gloves off” feeling right now. Wary, Bo looks back at Sylvie, but she’s no help and so Bo heads off to find out what the Femi N – er – Amazons have planned for her next. Nothing like taking a mythic warrior race of women and reducing them to sadistic, butch lesbian, jail guard bitches to subjugate your woman-empowering show into a frat boy footnote. Hell, I’ve more than my fair share of outrage about it from the hetero side of things. Dislocated my arm jumping off my sister’s bed when I was six trying to be Wonder Woman. Doctor Lauren does nothing but stand there, as usual, because as anyone’s meat in the Fae world, what can she do? Trick stops at the door, throws up his hands with futile frustration, and goes back to the bottles. There’s the map that Trick used to track the Underfae sightings in at the start of season 2. “Sounds like sweet Sylvie thinks she’s too good for this place, huh? And Cayden and Dyson were definitely puppies at play – Dyson even said it was a pack thing. But the key thing here is that Dyson was not sexually victimized.

Sylvie wonders if Bo has any “kin” waiting for her on the outside, and as she hands back the letters, Bo says she has friends that are more than family. Sylvie helpfully expositions that the guards are Amazons. ” Oh, if only, this episode would up in my estimation, but sadly, no. More anti-male.” The Amazons, she explains, refuse to fraternize with men or take orders from them. Bo precedes BBG down several really long flights of stairs to the basement level infirmary where another inmate is swabbing the floor. “Get lost, Jobina,” BBG orders and the inmate exits the Poop deck for the Lido. Her gaze is fixated on Bo, her expression all, again,as usual. Kenzi yanks open Bag End’s missing front door and enters – oh! A sekrit Fae speakeasy complete with barrels of hootch, a spiral metal staircase, and a small private bar with blinking white fairy lights above it. On the back wall is a silhouette picture of jazz musicians, adding to the speakeasy feel. Plus, she grabbed a garden hose lying nearby, not a freaking fire hose kept on hand just for this purpose. I won’t say he wasn’t objectified because I try not to be a hypocrite whenever possible.

Naturally, she has been given the one cell occupied by sweet, baby-faced innocent Sylvie. ) isn’t accessible to anyone who isn’t Al Capone “and even he’d think the speakeasy vibe was a bit…stale.” Trick goes on the defense. Whatever this prison dishes to her, she can take it.” Kenzi knows it. “But I want you to scrub a little…slower.” Bo rolls her eyes.

“I hiccup when I’m nervous,” Sylvie explains, hiccupping. “This gin joint was the swinging-est hootenanny in town! I have to wonder what he’s been handling – besides Kenzi – to wear him out while Bo is in the Big House with her hoochie mama. “And I thought working retail was humiliating.” ‘Bout time someone acknowledge that.

“Least I did,” she admits with a tinge of worry and walks back to her cell door. I’ve always enjoyed a good fraternization, but whatever floats your boat. The Warden blabbers on that her guards know a strong hand is needed to maintain order. The warden says this is why the guards would rather die than betray their loyalty to her. But don’t equate these situations because oh, holy hell, no they are NOT. She is being victimized by sadistic, power hungry, sociopaths who get sexual thrill over her debasement. This is another checked off scene on the “Bad Girls Behind Bars” content list used as one of the source documents for this episode.

She announces that Bo is being reassigned for work duty. Unable to do otherwise, Bo follows after the warden. Frankly, I am appalled and ashamed that this scene was included in this show for reason.

I mean, I’d love a Hugh Jackman crossover as much as the next woman, but come on! The fact that this plot point exists just for that line feels like easy writing but I have insomnia and haven’t slept in a while, so let’s just see what the lovely ladies do next so we can bring Bo home and leave Sylvie on her own for the moment. ” orders Doctor Lauren in her best prison matron voice. You’ve been a bad, bad girl.” If the next words out of Bo’s mouth are “you’d better spank me then, Doctor,” I – I’m – – I’m gonna need more booze. ” Doctor Lauren nerds that she coated herself in the secretions of skunk ape to pass as Fae and I’m just gonna let that one lie there untouched under the snark loophole of “too damn easy”. Oh, Bo lost that a time ago somewhere in Dyson’s bed. ) Bo: “I think it was taken when I was strip searched! ” “Doctor Lewis is smart and resourceful,” Hale says. Bo is back in her stylist prison jumpsuit and it’s here that I notice the footwear choice of Hecuba Prison: peep-toe, high-heeled, swing-back sandals. Until then, I’ll give you something to remember us by.” Bo, naturally, cannot allow this to happen & pulls the “pick on someone your own size,” card, which is her idea of irony I guess as BBG has at least six inches on her. She smacks BBG in the head and immediately sucks her down. All are basically in highlighted silhouette and the camera shoots the scene from a distance so that we fully understand the vastness of the room and Bo’s total aloneness in this situation.

(Seriously, imagine it for a minute: Wolverine and Dyson in a wolf off. Realizing she’s not dealing with the swiftest knife in the drawer, Bo apologizes and gives the girl her full attention as she adds that she doesn’t do well with small spaces. Bo jauntily salutes her and hops on the examination table. Thankfully, instead Bo grabs the doc’s arms and chirps “It’s the best role play ever! She admits it’s pungent, Bo says it’s brilliant, and Doctor Lauren preens that she thinks it is one of her better plans. Oy, my eyes are rolling too hard at that for me to actually see the keyboard and type a rejoinder. ” That’ll do it too, though it’s not nearly as much fun. Doctor Lauren directs Bo’s attention to a wall festooned by paper roses, gifts crafted by grateful prisoners for the previous prison doc, Doctor Lauren’s friend Doctor Everett who loved roses. “I guess you weren’t the only girl that loved her.” But the doc insists it wasn’t like that, rather Doctor Everett was more a mentor to her, helping her find her way in that first rough year of being owned by the Light Fae. A few women are working the weights while, over on the side, two others are making out hot and heavy. “Love behind bars.” I think she’s a bit surly because she can’t get a power surge of the love fest…or any of it for herself. Way to keep hidden the fact that you can use your powers there, Bo Bo. They deposit her against the outside wall of the industrial showers from her earlier “decontamination” violation. She’s still laughing and exhibits absolutely no fear or concern.

Bo reassures that she doesn’t have to be nervous around her. ” Hale: “One more quip like that and Trick will outfit you in a pair of cement Pradas.” Trick: “Hey me and the flappers used to get geezed on wobbly pops! I’m thinking having is love back is a bigger adjustment than he expected it to be. Look, I’m all for ample cleavage and Bo has never been a hide-your-light-under-a-fichu kind of woman. I’m going to just skip my way through these exploitation scenes as fast as possible.

Sylvie wonders hopefully if this is because Bo is innocent, but Bo admits with pride that she robbed that bank. ” Hale points out that Trick told him the old banquet room (aka the new set aka Siren’s Speakeasy) was impenetrable. “You’re the one who wanted more ‘access’ to the people! Kenzi is totally wigged out by slang that she doesn’t understand coming from Trick. She sighs and turns away from Trick and Hale, undone, knowing she’s not going to get them to change their minds. The Warden sexual innuendos here and sexually assaults Bo there.

In the background, police cars streaked down the block, sirens blazing, to pull up haphazardly in front of a building where an alarm clangs away.