“A lot of other dating sites are based on psychology,” Yagan said.

“The fundamental premise of a site like e Harmony is that they know the answer.

The voices of singer songwriter Colleen Brown and classically-trained tenor Michael Ciufo echoed through the hallways of Seaway Mall on Thursday, giving music lovers a taste of what they have to look forward to this summer.

The musicians joined the mayor and Welland Recreational Canal Corp.

3; and country music singer Tara Oram will provide the final performance for the season on Aug. For Brown, who recalled working at Bootlegger in her youth, performing at the mall brought back memories.

“I never expected to be doing this kind of thing on stage while I was folding jeans,” she said while performing songs for an audience of mall patrons and guests who had gathered.

“We knew from the time we started the company that the data we were generating would have three purposes: helping us match people up, attracting advertisers since that was the core of our revenue model, and that the data would also be interesting socially.” In 2007, the company hired a PR firm to publicize some of its findings, such as the fact that when gas prices rise, users narrow the search radius for matches.

“We called dozens of reporters and nobody cared,” Yagan said.

Tickets for individual shows are to .50 each — plus tax and handling fees.

Illumin Aqua Series Support Packages are available for 9.95 each and include tickets to all five shows, a series button, two bottles of Henry of Pelham wine, a premier wine tasting at Henry of Pelham, a mall gift certificate and a pitcher of Molson draught beer and an appetizer at Boston Pizza.

On July 6, Brown will open the show for blues singer Ray Bonneville.