The animals were running around the feet of the dinosaurs some 145 million years ago, meaning that they are by far the oldest ancestors that we have discovered.

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Dr Steve Sweetman, from the University of Portsmouth, said his "jaw dropped" when one of the university's undergraduate students asked him to look at the specimens.

He said: "The teeth are of a type so highly evolved that I realised straight away I was looking at remains of Early Cretaceous mammals that more closely resembled those that lived during the latest Cretaceous, some 60 million years later in geological history.

She undertook a short residency at Aspex this year and invited thirteen other artists to get involved, presenting a dynamic pop-up exhibition ‘LOOK AT your city’.5 M-one – M-one’s stencilled street art was showcased in a solo show at Southsea’s Playdead Studio - on top of a collaboration with fellow street artists for the Jurassix Pack Launch with Staggeringly Good Beer.

He was also commissioned by Artreach to paint a container for the Journeys Festival International in Manchester this year, following the success of the container he painted for Portsmouth last year!

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