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Peter Usborne set out to break down a child's resistance to reading and learning at home.

These books are so well organized that children absorb and recall much of the vast amount of information presented.

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This is initiated with a questionnaire that will ask key questions such as the purpose, audience and objectives.

He borrowed some ideas from those two media and hired educational consultants to oversee the writing to make sure that the books would satisfy the child's interest, but also arouse it. Usborne books are designed graphically to draw the students in, to make them want to learn the material and to help them retain that knowledge.

The magic of Usborne books is that they make both reading and learning fun and not a boring or intimidating experience.

He met with us on several occasions and gained an understanding of what we wanted to achieve and prepared materials to achieve it. I would use his services again and recommend him for your design needs.""Troy Templeman Design has worked for us on a number of projects.

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