Welcome to the Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations Mega-FAQ. Will the simulator scale correctly on triple monitors, 3072×768 resolution? Is there a printed manual included with the boxed set? How does the simulator compare to earlier games like Dangerous Waters and the like? I’m downloading the simulator but my connection is unstable. What is the best way to employ the ITALD and TALD loadouts? How can I make an air intercept mission that launches when a contact enteres an area?

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First open the file named 'hardware_settings_info.xml' and change the 'dx11'=true to false.

Then open the file named 'hardware_settings_config.xml' and change the 'forcedx9' to true.Game will display a crash window message once user closes the game if user has only accessed the menu part of the game and nothing else.This is an inconsequential issue and thus support for the game remains in tact. Game can be set to Direct X 9 by adding "-DX9" in steam game properties under "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS...". When I drop a contact, it comes back a second later. Can I re-target datalinked weapons like Tactical Tomahawk? What is the difference between a Patrol Area and a Prosecution Area? How can I upgrade to the latest official version of the simulator? Where can I download images and text descriptions for the Database Viewer? Is there a way to simulate Search and Rescue (SAR)?You can potentially save a substantial amount of money.