Combine all the ingredients in a small pan with 8floz/225ml water and simmer for 30-40 minutes.

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“But I still wouldn’t call it healthy.” According to Rob, date syrup contains around 33 per cent less sugar than table sugar.

Alongside date syrup, honey and agave, pomegranate molasses is also becoming a popular alternative to sugar.

It might not seem the ideal time to open a restaurant, but Jason Atherton is upbeat.

Maze Grill, a steak house attached to his Michelin-starred Maze restaurant, is already packing in customers eager to try his five varieties of beef, from grass-fed pure bred Aberdeen Angus to sake-massaged Japanese-style Wagyu.

In a bid to eat to lead a more healthy lifestyle, many people choose to cut out sugar from their diet.

Celebrities such as Caroline Flack have boasted about their body transformations being down to no longer eating sugar.

Then cook for 2 minutes on each side if you want the meat rare (3 for medium rare, 4 for medium, 5 for medium/well done) either on the griddle or transferred to a hot frying-pan. Leave to rest away from any draughts for five minutes before serving.

A salad to go with steak needs to be crisp and ultra-fresh.

Mix the mayonnaise with the garlic and saffron, and season with sea salt and a pinch of finely ground white pepper.

Onglet (skirt): good value and tasty, but tough if cooked to more than medium-rare.

A few bitter leaves (here, it's chicory) are an especially good contrast to the savoury meat.