There are a number of different burning or CD creation programs that can be used to accomplish this task.

It's a simple structure, requiring nothing more than a few folders.

It doesn't matter what names you use for your folders or where you locate them on your hard drive, but most users find drive C the easiest.

The Commission concluded that Microsoft "broke European Union competition law by leveraging its near monopoly in the market for PC operating systems onto the markets for work group server operating systems and for media players".

After unsuccessful appeals in 20, Microsoft reached an agreement with the Commission where it would release a court-compliant version, Windows XP Edition N.

The first two editions released by Microsoft are Windows XP Home Edition, designed for home users, and Windows XP Professional, designed for business and power users.

Windows XP Professional offers a number of features unavailable in the Home Edition, including: In March 2004, the European Commission fined Microsoft €497 million (£395 million or 4 million) and ordered the company to provide a version of Windows without Windows Media Player.You need to extract the file Microsoft and save it to a folder.For my testing I just created a XP-Boot Image folder on the C:\ drive.For those of you that have a copy of SP2 and want to give it a try the procedure I used is presented below.I experienced absolutely no problems with the procedure based on an original Gold Edition XP Professional CD.I created the folders shown below, located on Drive C, and used the XP- prefix for each one so they would all be located together for easy access.