but I don’t think he wants to part with his ,500 one and is looking forward to retirement sometime soon. One who would come down chimneys and deliver presents to deserving boys and girls (and adults, too).

This guy had on some festive socks, at cookies and drank milk, too.

intimxdating us girls-72

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I keep saying this -- I just can't stress this enough -- this is an impression for me, in many ways.

I know acting is not impersonating, but I'm good with impressions.

But it was the thought that counted, and even though we’d feel robbed sometimes, we never really got mad at the old guy.

It didn’t matter, because he’d be back next year, bringing us new loot and teasing us with new misshaped presents; all the while drinking his cookies and milk.If this is a tall woman writing, I have great news for you: Some men might, but MANY men find tall women incredibly appealing and beautiful.Physical attraction is what motivates men to pursue women and each man responds favorably or unfavorably to different types of shapes, sizes, races, etc.He delivered us boxes of loot, surprises in every present we opened.Sometimes he’d tease us with a big box and it’d had only a little thing in it; we’d care about it for maybe five minutes and then never touch it again.Watching kill-vids is nice, but given a complete combat log, wouldn’t it be possible to make something akin to SC2’s replay functionality?