'If you stand on the stairs and let your heels drop down, you can feel the stretch.It really is worth doing daily.' 'I know just how undesirable effects of sun exposure can on the skin, so every morning even in deepest, darkest winter, always apply protective day cream with SPF15 and UVB protection.'But I encourage her to wear high heels as often as possible - not only does she look good in them but as a foot and ankle surgeon I know that bunions are 99 per cent hereditary.

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It doesn't sound very comfortable and when you first get on it feels like lots of tiny painful bee stings all over your body.

'But after about 30 seconds or so you relax and then it doesn't hurt at all.

'But I'm also aware that sun exposure is one of the main sources of Vitamin D - a deficiency has been linked to a host problems, from multiple sclerosis, to heart disease, brittle bones, colon and prostate cancers.

Most people in this country are Vitamin D deficient at the end of winter and, unfortunately, protecting your skin potentially means putting your health at risk.

But it's totally worth it for the peace of mind: rabies is the most terrible disease.

'If your child is bitten by an infected animal, there really is little that could be done to save their life and I'm not prepared to risk that.' 'l like a lot of women, my wife worries about bunions and blames wearing stilettos.

'as well as being uncomfortable in the short term, there are problems associated with long-term acid reflux, namely oesophageal cancer.

'It's become a bit of an epidemic, with the incidence growing faster than most other forms of cancer.

Stick to a pair of single focus glasses.' 'I Spend 15 minutes a day resting on a shakti mat (uk).

It's a long, thin cushion covered in 4,000 spikes - a modern day bed of nails.

So if I have to go in and am feeling unwell, I'll take the appropriate medication.