He was also the new love interest at Scavo's Pizzeria in Desperate Housewives in seasons 3 and 4 on ABC. Gedrick appears in a multi-episode arc playing the manager of a Miami-area gentlemen’s club that becomes linked to a high-profile murder case in season 7 of Dexter.

Beginning in November 2012, Gedrick starred as Evan Farnsworth, a struggling professor at a prestigious Maine boarding school, in the Hallmark film The Wishing Tree.

Due to struggling ratings, he was among several cast members removed from the show and replaced by Anthony La Paglia.

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Jason Gedrick deliveres a breakout Emmy caliber performance in this season's record-breaking original Amazon hit series "Bosch," where he thrilled audiences starring as the mentally disturbed and twisted serial killer 'Raynard Waits'.

Jason's Twitter: @gee_dunk , Amazon's Bosch: @Bosch Amazon Santa Barbara boy Jason Gedrick works hard and plays hard.

In late 2012, Gedrick appeared on an episode of NBC's Grimm.

In 2015, Gedrick had a season-long arc as serial killer Raynard Waits in Amazon Prime's Bosch, along with a recurring role as Liam in The CW's Beauty & the Beast.

Let's talk was a well-oiled machine by the time I showed up on their lot. My sons and I have talked about these potential inevitabilities over the years and they have been incredibly understanding but I still have regrets that were inevitable compromises I have to accept. If I'm going to do it, it's going to be on the constellation Aquarius. The fact that I continue to have the opportunity to work with the likes of Folks including Eric Overmyer, David Milch, Michael Mann, Henrik Bastin to name a few at this stage of my career is yet another blessing from the stars I don't take for granted.

If you could wish upon a star, which star would it be and why? Not because I'm sure of the astrological significance, but because my daily newspaper horoscope has a better than 50% relevance whenever I breeze over it. I don't love suits as some do but I found the comment odd coming from someone who I kid you not, was wearing some kind of hybrid safari-bassfishing chic getup at a formal function.

Gedrick was part of the cast of the 2006 NBC television series Windfall also starring Luke Perry and Gedrick's former Boomtown alumni, Lana Parrilla. He starred in the 2006 movie Hidden Places alongside Sydney Penney and Shirley Jones.

In 2007, Gedrick again starred alongside Donnie Wahlberg in the A&E original movie Kings of South Beach. Gedrick was a member of the cast of the HBO series Luck, which ran for one season in 2012.

The series, which also starred Donnie Wahlberg and Neal Mc Donough was a moderate success, but ratings plummeted – particularly after the second season suffered a format change, and Boomtown was cancelled.

In 2003, Gedrick played Andrew Luster, the infamous rapist in a Lifetime movie based on his trial, A Date with Darkness. Aldridge, a former grad school professor and possible love interest for series lead Callie Thorne.

Jason Michael Gedroic was born in Chicago, Illinois.