Over the years, steampunk has evolved into more than just a sub-genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy.Steampunk now extends into fashion, engineering, music, and for some, a lifestyle.

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Amy and Sheldon host a Valentine's Day edition of Fun With Flags; Penny and Leonard wrestle with getting older; Howard and Bernadette make a discovery in their hot tub; Raj is torn between Emily and another woman.

The gang celebrates news of Bernadette's pregnancy by singing karaoke; Wolowitz's reaction to the pregnancy announcement worries Bernadette; Wolowitz believes he needs to make more money to support his growing family.

Batman discovers a mysterious teen-aged girl with super-human powers and a connection to Superman.

When the girl comes to the attention of Darkseid, the evil overlord of Apokolips, events take a decidedly dangerous turn.

Mensa-fied best friends and roommates Leonard and Sheldon, physicists who work at the California Institute of Technology, may be able to tell everybody more than they want to know about quantum physics, but getting through most basic social situations, especially ones involving women, totally baffles them.

How lucky, then, that babe-alicious waitress/aspiring actress Penny moves in next door. While the gang waits for the reopening of Stuart's comic book store Wolowitz gets some shocking news; Penny has trouble taking her own advice; Leonard and Raj think they spot Nathan Fillion at a restaurant.

Wolowitz questions his engineering skills after he and Sheldon can't get a toy drone to fly; a canceled flight puts Leonard's plans in jeopardy; Raj sets his parents against one another after he's cut off financially.

Sheldon and Amy subject their friends to a series of secret experiments to discover which two would be most qualified to be the best man and the maid of honor at their wedding; Penny reveals her true feelings about Amy.

Depending on which resource you reference, be it the Wikipedia entry or Steampunk.com, you will find a variety of answers and interpretations to this creative movement that has been growing in popularity, but also capturing mainstream curiosity.

We at the Ministry, based on our own research and passions on the subject, have compiled a page that offers several descriptions of what we believe constitutes steampunk.

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