If you're using an international dating or marriage agency, then expect an even bigger minefield, sometimes with an aesop about how we should stick to our own kind.

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I showed her my phone but she started reading my texts and going through my emails, only to throw it on the floor!

Then the next day she messaged my profile, saying, 'You seem like a nice guy, do you want to go for another drink? Surprisingly, I declined."Above average "Looking through an online-dating website I came across a girl who looked like she suited me – she seemed fun, listed gin as an interest and worked in an industry similar to mine.

Many a long-term relationship and marriage have begun this way.

...unless you happen to be a character in a Sitcom, in which case the online dating service is yet There are many other permutations and possibilities available, but no matter whom your suitor might turn out to be, the odds are very high that your first date will be anything but typical.

She demanded that I told her who had called and I answered, 'Just my mum,' (it was).

But she then asked me to prove it as she didn't believe me.

"Hairy situation "I met up with someone after chatting with her on a dating website.

When I turned up, she mentioned that she didn't realise that I had long hair – my profile photo, showing me with shorter hair, was a year old.

The assumption delivered by these tropes—that normal people can find dates just fine; only weirdos, creeps, lunatics, and other folks with insurmountable character derangements would need to resort to "artificial" ways of meeting people—also fed neatly with the perception that everyone on the Internet is a weirdo creep lunatic to begin with, allowing an even wider range of absurdity.