You may use a throwaway name, but we need this to know who we're deleting, and the profile will be deleted anyway with the full account once it is processed by an admin (so you don't have to do it).

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Placing moderators on ignore prevents them from being able to do their job, with regard to your character, and if you have ignored a room moderator, they are strongly encouraged to ban you from any rooms they moderate.

They may have one of your alts on their notes blocklist, or on their chat ignore list.

Placing a user on ignore (Or being placed on ignore yourself) will automatically put the account in the associated blocklist.

Staff will not go around ignores on your behalf, and attempting to do so yourself is a violation of the rules concerning ignores and ignore evasion.

Check out our Account Recovery page, where you can request a new password, if you know your username, or request your username if you can only remember the email address.

Password requests have the following sequence: In the event you do not receive either email, after a couple of hours, you can use the contact form to request that we manually reset your password.* If the email you provide is not connected to the account you're trying to get a reset for, we may ask for further proof that the account belongs to you.If you try to log in any sooner than one full hour has passed, then you will reset the timer on the lock out. Instead, in order to set your account for deletion, an administrator-level staff member has to do so manually.To file an account deletion, send in a Helpdesk ticket and request as such (you need to be signed in, we do not accept account deletion requests from email/offsite tickets). However be advised, there are some rules about account deletion: DO NOT DELETE THE PROFILE YOU USE TO FILE THE DELETION TICKET.* If you are able to log into your account, please do not use that contact form to request help, with other problems.If you are logged in, and you need to request help, a variety of options are provided in the 'Help and Info' menu, including the Community Help forum, this FAQ, bug reports, tickets, and suggestions. ' for assistance determining which option is the best choice for a particular problem.Please note that blocks and chat ignores are different.