I think you’ve explained what you were doing as a teenager, but now that you are an adult what do you do to create attraction that might be different from other guys or that would define your particular method or methods.Carlos: I’m more of a sniper than a “sarger” if you know what I mean.

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I just worked on molding this definition for the modern man.

We’re in a genuine crisis in our society as far as gender roles, and my mission is to turn this situation around for men (and women).

Lately, my experiences as a Martial Arts instructor has led me even deeper into the dynamics of what makes a man an ALPHA.

It’s a term that’s been over-used and abused, but there is so much to learn by studying what kind of men women have desired over the eons.

The Nice Guy Syndrome is destroying the success of men everywhere, and it’s time to put that to an end. Clifford: One thing I have noticed from the last few interviews I have been doing is that each person (not that this is a revolutionary realization) has their own particular style of seduction.

What this means is that each person has found the path doing what they do to achieve success.

Of course, the thing sat all wrapped and ready in the book rack under my chair while I worked up the guts to give it to her, fearing the awful possibility of her rejection. I’d held off on “dating” her, which only made her more interested.

I remember that she told my friends she wouldn’t “do it” with me until after we dated for a month. It wasn’t long after that I was sleeping with every girl I could get my hands on.

Unfortunately for me, I also started reading every book under the sun on relationships by all the female (and male) authors and pundits. I stopped making women attracted to me the way I had been with my ‘scoundrel’ attitude, and I started believing I’d been doing wrong to them all that time, and that men were “bad.” I became something of a male feminist.