I had previously sync’d the phone with my laptop, but upon connecting it to my PC, I got the error message: “i Tunes could not connect to the i Phone because an invalid response was received from the device”. Note: you can take a copy of your i Tunes backup (Read this post to find i Tunes backup location).

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Summary i Tunes could not connect to i Phone 6/7/8/X or i Pad because an invalid response was received from the device?

If you are also stuck on this i Tunes invalid response problem, read on our post to fix it with ease.

Error 3194 seems to usually be triggered when unsigned or expired firmware is used, often during an i OS downgrade or upgrade, or even during some restores.

If you experience the error on your i OS device, here’s how you can quickly resolve it so that i Tunes will function with the restore or i OS update as intended.

There must be many occasions where you would like to save only photos, or only messages, or only contacts, etc. i Tunes will backup all data on i Phone i Pad acquiescently.

But now with Any Trans, you can just choose just contacts, or just messages, or other data types, saving lots of your time and effort.Question 1: Updated i Phone 7 to i OS 11 and now i Tunes is saying “i Tunes could not connect to the i Phone because an invalid response was received form the device”.The Mac Book I’m using is running Lion and i Tunes 12.2.2. — Mookie442 from Reddit Question 2: I encountered this issue on my home PC after getting my new i Phone 7. To completely uninstalling i Tunes, you can refer to this tutorial.In that case, no amount of tweaking hosts or adjusting IP’s is going to make a difference to restore to older IPSW, and thus you would have to either keep the current i OS version or opt to upgrade to a newer version to escape the 3194 error.For those who want to know, the IP address being temporarily used and re-associating gs.with is saurik’s (of Cydia fame) signing server.Another great feature that Phone Rescue bests i Tunes is that, you can also selectively choose some exact data types, or items to restore, but also without erasing.