Drinks are on me if you decide to compete." As the couple moved off, the owner raised his hand to his mouth and feigned examining the rest of the room. She's perfect." "Yep," the big bouncer agreed, "Those tits and ass are amazing." The owner kept the couple in sight as they moved through the spacious hall and through the heavy velvet drapes.*** Tom and Ann selected a table near the back, but with a good view of the main stage.

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"At least it's clean," he paused, "Looks like a decent enough place." The only strip joints he had ever been toa couple bachelor partieshad been real shit holes. Like the inside bouncer, he had been alerted to a particularly tasty visitor by Jacen's statement.

Behind the couple, the next group entering held the door wide enough for the club owner to see Jacen looking inside.

The big bouncer noted who he was chaperoning and nodded that it was the right mark.

"New guests," the owner began before the couple could startle at his approach, "I hope you're here for the contest, young lady.

"We're just here to check the place out," she said, mostly to herself, though Tom nodded his agreement. Ann did not seem aware of the attention, as she eyed the larger, more explicit photos high on the walls of the big entry hall.

He was trying not to stare at the revealing photos advertising the various dancers within. A man in an expensive white suit came up, clapping a hand on Tom's shoulder and deftly slipping his other arm around Ann's waist, moving between the obvious couple.

Even in the shadows at the back of the stage, Tom could tell she was blushing.

She came forward hesitantly, dressed not in the skimpy costume Missy had selected, but the same sundress she had worn to the club.

"That's right," the DJ announced, "This is Ann's first contest, so treat her right!

" As the music started, a heavy bass beat and a fast tempo, Ann began to shimmy her hips, moving along the edge of the stage, her arms over her head, shoulders moving, which set her breasts swaying.

he had even applied and told the company he was willing to travel. He sighed, and surprised her, though, adding, "I guess we can keep it in mind... She looked around, resisting the urge to stare at her reflection in the glass at the front of the club.