"The main problems with self-diagnosis and online search-based healthcare is the sheer deluge of information and the inability to sort what's relevant and differentiate between credible medical information and what's not," Ada's Dr. "The web only provides access to content semantically related to a person's symptoms. I., a virtual triage mobile app powered by artificial intelligence that patients can access through video, text, or voice. "What we're starting to see is the evolution of AI assistants from a more simple chatbot flow to the type of conversation you'd have with a good doctor, asking detailed questions and reaching relevant conclusions—and validated against real world cases and medical libraries covering thousands of conditions and symptoms, and training from medical professionals," Dr. Artificial intelligence advances often lead to talk of mass unemployment.

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The assistant is available as an independent app or as an add-on to platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Telegram. MD has made its platform available on Free Basics, the Facebook-led initiative to provide free internet in underserved areas.

The company's goal is to put "pre-primary care in the hands of everyone with a mobile phone," Your. "For those in particularly rural communities, the service can boost the knowledge of nurses and community care providers to better serve people in need of accurate and trusted medical assistance," Berlucchi says.

"Technology will allow the patient to be much more in the driver's seat, taking more responsibility and ownership of their data and their health, a lot of it even from home, which will free up doctors' time to focus on what matters most—human empathy, prevention, and treatment of chronic conditions and diseases," Dr. "Healthcare has the potential to shift from reactive care to more personalised health focused on prevention and wellness." Health Tap's Ron Gutman says the data AI assistants collect can help optimize communications between healthcare workers and patients.

"Patient progress can be shared with extended members of the patient's care team through integration with electronic medical records," Gutman says.

Florence can tell you more about a disease or finds a special location for you, like a doctor or a pharmacy.

But the potential of healthcare chatbots is much bigger which is why Florence is constantly learning new things.

A host of similar platforms have emerged over the past years, including , an AI-powered period and ovulation tracker app; it uses machine learning algorithms and neural networks to increase the accuracy of predicting menstruation and ovulation cycles, which could help transform women's lives and personal health care.

In 2015, the World Health Organization and World Bank reported that , a medical data and image management cloud software company.

"By outsourcing tasks that a machine can do better, such as scanning images for potential signs of irregularities, doctors with limited resources and time will be able to see and treat more people." While AI is the force that makes healthcare software more efficient, the main contributing factor to making it more accessible is the growth of mobile computing and internet connectivity.