It is the video game that I have the highest number of hours put into at 788.

I have spent over a month of real life hours on this game over the last 5 years.

I mean, if you look at Steam’s recently released Revenue statistics, Team Fortress 2 is still high up there.

team fortress 2 always updating-5team fortress 2 always updating-20

Even 2016 games like Battleborn have player bases that are lucky to scratch 1000 players a day, so these numbers are phenomenal.

Which just begs the question, why doesn’t Valve support this game as much?

Public Service Announcement: Valve does not care about Team Fortress 2.

Team Fortress 2 is probably in my Top 5 favourite games ever.

Today marks the release of the second wave beta for 2.0. This tool is a tool created by our very own Piston Miner.

This patch contains Vapor.exe, our own auto updater. It reads heatmap data from our official servers and shows it off in a three-dimensional window alongside all of the important entities contained within the level you're viewing. The mercenary spawns, weapon spawns, item entities and heatmap data are all visible.

It is a beautiful game, one of the, if not THE best first person shooters ever. But all this praise begs the question: why doesn’t Valve care? The average player base has fluctuated by hundreds, but it has remained relatively consistent at 40000 daily average players at once.

And, for a game that’s nearly 10 years old that hardly gets any updates other than cosmetics, that is incredibly impressive.

I’ve done it, and since anybody can access Team Fortress 2, there is a huge market there. I know i’m probably grossly oversimplifying this and there is probably a lot more behind-the-scenes knowledge that I have no idea about, but i’m just saying, that some advertisement and more frequent patches than one every 4 months would be great.

Team Fortress 2 has pumped more money for Valve than I will ever make in my life, so they obviously have something figured out.

The data from these heatmaps is read from here (links to: which dumps the data from everyone's kills inside of our maps into spreadsheets showing the killer's location, the time of the kill, and the unfortunate victim's location. In the above screenshot, we noticed that players seem to grab the supershotgun, run to the ladder, and kill enemies from behind a lot.