Reason and thought were most valued in this garden—all derived from the project of Enlightenment.Universities around the world were among the first to connect to this new medium, which hosted discussion groups, informative personal or group blogs, electronic magazines, and academic mailing lists and forums.

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In the 9th century, a Persian scholar named Ibn Qutaybah collected the first true encyclopedia, 10 books on power, war, nobility, character, learning and eloquence, asceticism, friendship, prayers, food, and women.

He was followed a century later by another Persian scholar, al-Khwārizmī who, in addition to inventing algebra, produced an encyclopedia covering what he called indigenous knowledge (jurisprudence, scholastic philosophy, grammar, secretarial duties, prosody and poetic art, history) and foreign knowledge (philosophy, logic, medicine, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, music, mechanics, alchemy).

They effectively democratized the ability to contribute to the global corpus of knowledge.

For more than a decade, the web created an alternative space that threatened television’s grip on society.Enlightenment’s motto of ‘Dare to know’ has become ‘Dare not to care to know.’It is a development that further proves the words of French philosopher Guy Debord, who wrote that, if pre-capitalism was about ‘being’, and capitalism about ‘having’, in late-capitalism what matters is only ‘appearing’—appearing rich, happy, thoughtful, cool and cosmopolitan.It’s hard to open Instagram without being struck by the accuracy of his diagnosis.Social networks, though, have since colonized the web for television’s values.From Facebook to Instagram, the medium refocuses our attention on videos and images, rewarding emotional appeals—‘like’ buttons—over rational ones.Emerson Plunkett / Band Member #3 / Benjamin Franklin / Chewbacca Nerd / Coach Mc Fall / Dancer #1 / Dick Clark / Esteban / Floyd / Larvell / Man / Man #3 / Mourner / Old Man #1 / Redneck #1 / Southern Gentleman / Subordinate #2 / Surgeon / Teenage Arch / Terrorist #2 / The Moon In summer 2003, he and his brother Patrick made a video for channel101called 'Kicked in the Nuts'.